• Printer and Photocopier Repairs

Tosyn Computers can provide you with the fastest repair service on printers and photocopiers.

Indeed, our technicians bring with them a set of skills tailored to virtually any office appliance. We are staffed with expert engineers who have all the know-how to get the job done right. We can provide you with on-site and same-day repair service that can get your copier (and your office) back up and running in no time.

  • Laptop Repairs

Computer Virus and Spyware Problems still remain to be the number one fault with all computers and Laptops.  Ask us for a free quote to speed up your laptop today!

Laptop Screen Repairs are the second most common repair throughout our national network. We repair 100′s of laptop screens for Acer, Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Asus, Sony Vaio, Samsung and Toshiba Laptops.

DC Jack or otherwise known as laptop power socket repairs for laptops are also a very common repair. We are seeing a rise in numbers for this type of laptop repair because of the weakness in the OEM quality of build. The charger socket often begins to erratically not charge the laptop battery, and then the problem deteriorates.  This type of repair is very easily carried out and is very cost effective.  We also provide a full 12 month warranty.

Laptop Motherboard repairs are the final major repair request we see on a major scale. This type of laptop repair is due to three main failures. Liquid spill, shock through being dropped, or through over heating.

  • Hardware and Software Sales and Support

Purchasing computer hardware and software is an important investment. Tosyn Computers Pty Ltd will help you get the most value from your investment by performing upgrades, repairs and installations to your hardware and software. Tosyn Computers Pty Ltd is also a full-service reseller of computer hardware and software. We provide computer hardware and software at a much lower price than normal, thereby reducing your costs.

  • Network Installation and Support

With years of experience installing and supporting networks, Tosyn Computers Pty Ltd will tailor a networking solution to your company’s specific needs. In addition, our service to you does not end after the network is installed. Tosyn Computers Pty Ltd provides a complete suite of network support options to ensure that your investment is constantly protected, optimized and improved.

  • Other services

Supplier of stationery and consumables (e.g. Ribbons, Inks and Toners).